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  • @medboy 1/4 of Pushin P, 1/4 of Cool Blue, and 1/2 of Permanent Marker. Order placed/paid for AM of Feb 2. Thx
  • oops. I just placed so many duplicate orders because of the error message over the past daqy. Finally read the board and paid via the e-mail notification. Sorry for the extra orders/confusion MM!
  • Think that's an issue with bitquick. You deposit money into a random bitcoin owner's account and then once they receive your deposit they move the bitcoins to the address you submit. Try a different bank in your area that will have a different accou…
  • My package didn't show on ID and it took 4 business days plus weekend.
  • I built up a pretty solid cash emergency fund for times like this over the years so not really pinned for cash right now, so I think my uncle sam money will go towards my long term stock portfolio and rest will go to medman! Premium mimosa is on my …
  • Thanks guys just trying to learn proper etiquette around here. I think I've got it all figured out now and am set up properly. Take it easy all! - TSC
  • It's always hard to raise prices on customers. But it must be even harder to price product for a national online dispensary. I'd pay a solid premium given my state doesn't have dispensaries....as opposed to someone in CA, CO etc. who can drive 5 min…
  • One more question from the new guy to MM members: While Square accepted my passport, they said it will take them a few business days verify and enable my wallet. I further dug around with Coinmama and waited on hold with my bank for an hour to get t…
  • Update. I was able to contact Square and they had me securely send them pics of my passport and a selfie of me holding the passport. Good to go!
  • Cool guys I will try to reach out and explain the circumstances. And I was surprised that they do check the expiration date! At least for Square's cash app. They have some machine learning tech where it realized it was expired just from taking the p…