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  • Good to hear @TheProfessor. I was impressed with the terpenes of that strain, never smelled that aroma before, pretty distinctive .Yes, prices are so fluctuating, you got find the sales and the right days to be at such and such dispensary. Gets craz…
  • @TheProfessor Glad you found some near you. I hope you enjoy it. Blueberry Cookies and Grape Pie should be out soon.
  • Cookies and Chem is another high tester @ 30+ and a new one called the Hydra came out recently which is another great strain with an amazing terp profile. Unfortunately the whole crop was purchased by one dispensary.
  • Yep, it’s a great company to work for. Just a heads up, we just dried and bucked a crop of Snowball this past week so it maybe on the shelves in a few weeks after testing and trimming.
  • @TheProfessor Funny you would mention NFB, I work at the company that produces that strain. It is a great one for sure.
  • @MerlinsMagic I did indeed. .5 left after buying 2 1/2 coins in 2015. My first order was .3 bitcoin, you figure the math. Crazy how things change.
  • 2015 was the year I discovered this site and bought my first bitcoin@ 350 bucks a coin. Crazy it’s over 40k now.
  • I have card as well and work for a legal local grower pt for fun. Word is everyone is going to hang loose and see what the legislature will do to the initiative first but most growers have plans for expansion to accommodate demand. Should not effect…
  • @TheProfessor OH person here as well who is happy rec passed but worried what the legislature will do to the initiative since it’s not a constitutional amendment like Issue1 is. My main concern is they will strip the home grow clause out of it in or…
  • I’m not sure if there are any ‘pure’ indicas on the menu. Occasionally you’ll find some Hindu Kush, that’s 100% indica, but most flower here are hybrids, although there are heavier leaning indica crosses here. It maybe hard to find anything pure any…
  • I have some and it does have a short period of raciness at first but it is great for focus and getting things done. At least for me. A good wake and bake..
  • I think I could listen to DJ for hours talk about cannabis and genetics. I could really relate to the 70s west coast history of cannabis as I lived in NorCal at the time all the fun stuff started coming in from SE Asia and the Hippie Trail. Some hea…
  • Cinderella 99 has a short period of anxiousness at first and is more a head high where Chocolope is mellower and no racy feelings. Both work for mornings since they wont slow you down at all. Hope that helps @MigraineWarrior79
  • Likewise, I have become a real fan of Chocolope. Reupped twice now, a real nice morning strain. Not as trippy as the Purple Thai and more mellow than the Cinderella 99.
  • Yes, there are quite a few sativas to choose from. I had to procure a few for myself as well. Got some Purple Thai, Cinderella 99, and Chocolope. Absolutely love Chocolope, such a great morning strain and not racey at all. For me anyway... And just …
  • 69 last July
  • That time vortex spins faster as you get older. Make the most out of what you are given…..
  • Sounds about right for the outdoor I got from Merlin. Great wake and bake and as you said, no anxiety at all. A great sativa....easy to get stuff done while feeling good.
  • Yes I have. A good sativa if you like to wake and bake. Not speedy at all and no anxiety.
  • Also pardon the faux pas on the BD since its light dep not outdoor. But their Jack Herer is and has those great outdoor terps. Love the outdoor prices too.
  • @Rockafire. No problem. If you are a fan of BD, you will like this. Not premium but very good.
  • @friendsofbillw Saw that you were subbed too. Was hoping you may have sampled it by now. I just opened the bag briefly to get an aroma check. All I could smell was that distinctive Kush smell. Darker buds that seemed fairly dense. I will give it a g…
  • Well, the Blue Dream has landed and it is very good. Merlins outdoor offerings never cease to amaze me. They are dusky, not bright, green dime to quarter-sized buds with a mostly berry but slightly fruity funk aroma when sqeezed and ground. The high…
  • For as stoned as you may have been @TheProfessor that was one great review. My PK arrived yesterday with some outdoor Jack Herer. I havent tried the PK yet but will this evening. My BD should be arriving today with some Chocolope that came along for…
  • @TheProfessor Yes it is very interesting how strains work differently with everyones different chemistry. I'm hoping its not the Haze component of the BD that causes your anxiety especially since the SH you ordered has that Haze component as well. V…
  • A couple days before the BD hit the menu, I picked up some outdoor Jack Herer, my second all time fave and another rare sighting. @MerlinsMagic you been pushing all the right buttons with my fave strains, thanks for your efforts.
  • @TheProfessor. Thanks for the thoughts and the heads up about MMs greenhouse strains. I'm looking forward to its arrival. Loud used to get some killer BD flower about 5 years ago that was dynamic and I think Cannabis Club had it once during their sh…
  • @TheProfessor I had split a half between the Blackberry og and Purple Thai, which btw is a nice sativa for morning chores. Not speedy. The Blackberry I received which was clearly marked, were dark buds about thumb sized with like you said, a faint b…
  • The blackberry og definitely put my eyes at half-mast if you know what I mean. It's definitely one to save until night time. That thin mints is intriguing. Always love your reviews @TheProfessor.
  • Believe me Im not being negative and I am more than grateful for the service you all provide, just saying its got to be hard to control 3 shippers in 3 different areas of the country and their shipping protocols for the many orders they must receive.