Thank you.

Would like to thank the medicine man for saving my marriage.

This time last year my wife and I could not stop fighting, we fought over everything and anything and at one point last summer I thought about leaving her. This past fall I decided to get some mdma from the medicineman with the intent of having a night of no arguing and a wild night of sex with the wife, but oh was a wrong.
My wife and I had the most deep and meaningful conversation we’ve ever had in our relationship. We got all of our past grievances out there and put them to rest. Ever since that night we have been communicating and getting along so much better.
Now we do mdma every month or two depending on how we are feeling as a sort of therapy and now we have the fantastic sex while on it because those issues have been laid to rest.

So thank you medicineman for making this “medicine” accessible for people like me and helping my marriage flourish.


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