Postal anomaly

I ordered some PM on Monday of this week after 5 Pm eastern time. I’m in a southeastern state.
It’s out for delivery. Not sure how that happened, but I’m glad because this sativa I’ve been smoking has worn me out.


  • Good news for you @leaf. I was Tuesday but nothing yet. No pre ship or nothing. But it happens. I'm sure it will get shipped soon. I got oz of PM also and oz of Jealousy bc both same price. Hope u enjoy PM. I have @LoudnCo coming this time. @MerlinsMagic was definitely fire so I'm sure this will be too. I had Jealousy awhile back from @HappyTrees and it was impressive...

  • Has anyone else experienced unusual things with shipping? I ordered Tuesday morning n it's Friday and I still see nothing. Is there something wrong I wander? This has only happened one time where nothing on ID for 4 days no pre ship. That time it had to be shipped again. I was curious to see if any else is seeing nothing for longer than usual?I'm patient just lil confused. My ID always has worked even when others said their's didn't. Nothing ever has come to me without showing on ID first. One Love 🌬🌲

  • @LoudnCo @medboy I have been on the quick end of things before too. So I totally understand. Just making sure it's taken care of. Like I said in above post. Thanks for everything.

  • Hey @Lou_lew, I definitely understand the frustration because ID usually always works for me too. My last order from loudnco arrived in 6 days with nothing on ID. Weird but it happens. And for reassurance, I ordered again from loud on Wednesday & nothing on my ID so I'm guessing the same thing will happen.

  • Hey @ChunksEggo8187 thanks my friend. What u said is crazy sounding but being twice it happened I hope to be pleasantly surprised. I really appreciate you taking the time to respond. Have a great night. One Love 🌬🌲

  • @Lou_lew I ordered from two vendors at the same time and the other one is still out there

  • Hey @ChunksEggo8187 , mine showed up on ID sometime last nite. Pre ship. It seems weird though bc it's a Saturday. So maybe ID is lagging n it will show up soon. So idk. I know all will be fine in the end. But thought I'd give update. Also @leaf I appreciate you responding too. You both have great days. One Love. 🌬🌲

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    Another order should arrive today. Ordered on Sunday of this week to the southeast. So, that’s not too bad. Thanks @merlin for the quick start.
    Trying the Gorilla Cake this time.

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