Happy Trees Spilt ?

@HappyTrees Would you guys consider splitting an oz 4 ways? You have a bunch of awesome strains up right now. That or an 8 gram sampler?



  • Yeah, doing a 4 way oz split is something we'd be willing to do.

  • Awesome thx! Order placed. Your new indoor looks 🔥I haven't had Strawberry Cough in over a decade. Didn't think I would see it again. 🙌🏻

  • We're so close to living in the future.

  • @superman38NC which 4 HT Indoor choices are you ordering? I like a good variety as well👌. Maybe some bangers in there.

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    @Jaybird922 I’m guessing that @superman38NC ordered Strawberry Cough, Sundae Driver, MAC, and White Tahoe Cookies. That’s what I would order 🤣. How’d I do my friend?😁😎🧐

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    @TheProfessor you know me well! @Jaybird922 Spot on with loving variety.. When I first started smoking it was just "weed" 😂 I requested Strawberry Cough, MAC, White Tahoe Cookies and Super Boof. 2nd options Ice Cream Cake or Donkey Burger which I'm thinking is Donny Burger? @TheProfessor I have a bunch of Sundae Driver x Cheetah P or that would've been my 4th choice. 😜

  • I’m interested to hear how that cough and super boof is @superman38NC

  • Nice choices! Damn, missed it by that…….much @superman38NC! Yeah, I’ve got well over a half of Sundae Driver left, too! Hard to go w/o SD!😉😎🧐

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    According to HT, Donkey Burger is a cross of Grease Monkey and Triple OG (which is actually Donkey Butter…one of my faves!). Donny Burger is GMO and Han Solo Burger. So I’m not sure what it is exactly. Go figure.🧐

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    lol guessing 3/4 is excellent in my books 😎. SD is a great one. The cross I've got is more sativa leaning which is why it's taking me longer to get through. The older I get the more I reach for something indica. Thx for the info..I've had grease monkey before and really enjoyed it. I know that Donkey Butter was money. Maybe I'll get lucky and receive a sample? 🤙🏼

  • @superman38NC but… strawberry cough is sativa. However, I agree with everything you said, and I want some too.
    Also, I was wondering,
    Does your handle reflect your location? I know the area….

  • @leaf I still like sativas just find myself wanting indicas more. Used to live in NC not anymore

  • @superman38NC i went to a school in nw South Carolina. We finally beat UNC the other day in basketball.

  • In ne ga now.

  • I'm in the triangle area of NC.

  • Raleigh and Durham are the new medical technology area. Clemson is my school.

  • Very nice! SC dweller now. Hope to never move again..but I've learned to not say "never". Big fan of Clemson. Where my kids want to go.

  • @superman38NC I want to move again. I’m close to the mountains, but not close enough.

  • Received my 1 oz split as requested today. All fresh big sticky buds. Really appreciate the split! @HappyTrees The strawberry cough is great as I remembered. The effects are definitely Sat Dom and long lasting! Also hit the Super Boof. All kinds of flavor with this one. Heaviest euphoria I’m experienced in a while. Like this one too!

  • @superman38NC appreciate it as always! Now, I just need to get paid. I love this pick 4 that HT is honoring so I will be taking advantage to obtain some variety in my weak stash…haha

  • I'm always hesitant to get Strawberry Cough because I don't like coughing. lol Unfortunate strain name, IMO.

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    @Sixwaychili I had SC when it was first introduced by Dutch Passion. Never had a coughing issue then or currrent HT batch..I was so happy to find a couple beans..imagine there maybe more. That Tahoe has been my jam today. It's up there with PM on effects. Just more body vs head.

    @Jaybird922 np! It's a great deal in you like variety. Ive ordered the 4 g sampler before but I go through it quick. When you find a keeper your happy you have at least a 1/4. May grab more Tahoe before it's gone.

  • I've never tried Strawberry Cough...would like to @superman38NC . I do have some dreamy Strawberry Diesel Cookies that leans pretty Sativa. The White Tahoe Cookies sounds like a winner. I like anything with Tahoe OG, especially Tahoe OG😉, although I haven't seen it around here in a long time. Tahoe OG is one of my favorite strains for sleep when I can find it...works every time. Definitely a heavy hitter!😎🧐

  • SC is a great sativa dom strain..never experienced paranoia or any negative effects from it. Very long lasting energetic effects. Really like this batch.
    Of the four strains in my split the Tahoe Cookies stands out the most. Aroma on par for Tahoe. The effects are very relaxing too. Almost to the point of napping an 1-2hr after regardless of time. I know I slept really well when I used it before bed.

  • Also no seeds in anything except the SC. It wouldn’t hurt my feelings if there were a few Tahoe beans. Only 2 buds total in my 1/4! Biggest one 4-5 gs..no shake/smalls in anything either. Highly recommend @HappyTrees with current indoor

  • @superman38NC how do you grind your buds without destroying seeds? I know that I've probably ground tons of seeds up in my grinder.

  • sixwaychili man I am 5 mins from duke

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    @Sixwaychili it happens occasionally. The ceramic grinder I've had for yrs. does a good job of not crushing them. Also i break my buds down to try and remove excess stem. After loading I do a 1/4 turn each direction and the first rotation slow. If I feel resistance I open up and see. Saved a lot of beans that way.

  • Nice @cmweems1964!

    @superman38NC sounds like a nice grinder! I just found my good one again after thinking it was gone for years. And it's still not that good. It's a constant struggle with all the resin that builds up on the teeth and then it gets stuck... So if I feel resistance of what might be a seed, I assume it's resin making it all impossible to twist.

  • I live in Raleigh Nc area as well. The zip of Mac I ordered from Happy Trees came yesterday. I must honestly say I wasn’t impressed by it. Didnt hit like the Mac I’ve had in the past from the site. Didn’t smell like much either. I let it sit in my cannatrol overnight to see if it would bring some life to it because it was dry but still meh.@HappyTrees I’m wondering if this is greenhouse or outdoor bud. The high lasted less than an hour. This was my first time ordering from them. The freebie preroll hit harder than the Mac. Anyone else come to the same conclusion?

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