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The selections of concentrates used to be great. I'm not sure what the future will bring, but If the selection of concentrates was as good as the other products offered, that'd be very nice.


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    I second this notion! Really enjoyed how much of a selection there was in the concentrate department. Haven’t ordered as much as I used to because of that. I am thinking about dabbling in pressing some nugs to see what I can get out of them, so maybe I’ll buy some bud and make my own rosin.

  • I'll third it.

  • Find some Palatium OG shatter I'll buy ya out

  • I'll 4th 5th and 6th that haha

  • Stone 420 knows what's up I'd love some indoor or higher teir flower in that same strain as well or strain specific edibles

  • We put up a bunch of new honeycomb. That's about the best concentrate to get I think. It's not all gooey so easy to handle and very very high THC content.

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