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Over here in our part of OR we just had a massive ice storm on Sunday. All the roads are covered in ice, so driving is extremely hazardous right now. It looks like more ice is coming tomorrow as well, so if you ordered from us recently please expect some delays in getting your orders. It might take a little bit longer to get them than usual.


  • Ya can't mess with Mother Nature. Safe travels.

  • @HappyTrees do u think u will have anymore outdoor G13? I was going to try several months ago but it was gone . Just asking. Have a great day !

  • Hey HT. Is there still delays on orders coming out? Placed and order on Monday and still haven’t seen a label yet. Might be an ID issue and it’s one of those ghost packages out there.

  • Thanks @hamgreen87 was gonna ask the same thing since HT labels have always come through within 1-2 days. Hope everyone is ok at the HT HQ :)

  • Yeah ordered 4 ounces monday night still no label. From merlins

  • Put in request the 22nd round mid day and looks like it's moving but not supposed to TD till like mon , fingers crossed for you and rest of us @Zackarrry and definitely HT dealing with ice storms

  • There it is… My package showed up on ID tonight. Of course as soon as I opened my mouth.

  • Same! 😂

  • Here too. Dang it. I should have waited to complain. They always come through! Thanks @medboy@merlin

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    I ordered from loud the 19th got a label on the 22nd. My pack went from Seattle to New York!! It has always come from Seattle straight to the capital of my state which is in the Midwest. No reason for it to go to NY!!! Now it's sat there 5 days with no updates. WTF!!! Sometimes I hate USPS! Nothing I can do bit wait. And it's in no way Medman or Louds fault!!!

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    I live in TN and placed my order Jan 9, got label Jan 11 and hadnt heard anything until Jan 25th when package finally left Houston! Now its the 29th and still no updates. I was reading about Houston having major problems with their USPS locations, plus the icy weather on top of that. This is the longest in 3 years ive waited for a package. Im used to getting packages within a week. I know Medboy always delivers though! :)

  • @Zackarrry did you get a label yet?

  • @djdj yeah it actually got there one week after I ordered. I.D. was acting up and Sunday before last all the I.D. notifications came flooding in all at once and was delivered the next day

  • Still havent received the order i placed Jan 9th. This sucks! Fuck USPS!

  • @towan please email medboy. He’s very helpful. I hope it arrives soon.

  • @Zackarrry Nice! I only asked cus I placed an order of the Avalanche shrooms that I’m excited to try. Maybe I put the wrong address 🤔 or maybe it’s just the divine timing of the universe 🤔. Either way I’ll wait til it’s been over 2 weeks before reaching out to MB

  • Yeah they been crazy stuff goes Mia for days but they always deliver. Appreciate the hell out yall @medboy good looking out and everything is excellent truly grateful to been pointed in yalls direction for sure.

  • ID pulling its usual nonsense hopefully things moving behind scenes but hopefully everyone's request are moving smoothly and everyone enjoys their v day today

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