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Hey back in the day a blotter would get ya some stomach cramps from the strych then visuals but this new crap , nah just tried one blotter. No more.


  • No more what?

  • @Trezdazed, If you are referring to strychnine. That was a large myth, thousands of batches tested and do not contain any of the sort. Albert Hoffman Confirmed this as it was started through a test that was his then spread as a myth for a binder to for the lsd to the blotter paper.

    The biggest factor in the experience noted is that lsd Doses back in the day were not as dosage specific, this was mainly due to the accuracy and availability of lab grade equipment, 200-400ug was not uncommon back in the day for a single hit. A lot of people dont realize how little of a substance 100ug is. This heavy varying common dose was the cause of the stomach cramps and almost train like visuals. If this is what you want, its still very obtainable, take 3-4 blotter tabs and hold on.
    I have also gotten the paper blotter and added the liquid lsd to the tabs making double hits. These are much more similar to the train hit experience with the stomach turning effects however this will last 12-14hours for sure.. so be ready to ride it out. You will not get the potency without the Long term effects.
    I find all 3 of the lsd offerings are dosed very acurrate and very close to the same as far as potency.
    All 3 offerings have different effects that are more prominent in some over the others..
    My experience with the 3 and thanks @MerlinsMagic for offering all of them as they are all very good and compliment each other very well:

    Blotter paper: very good clean single hit acid.
    If you have never done any lsd and are on the fence, this is the perfect balance of mind and body trip. Take one hit and enjoy. Lots of laughs, looking into the mirror will be a blast for a bit as well if you have never done this. Seasoned users will benefit from taking 2 or 4 tabs to get that nostalgia recollection of blotter depending on body weight and lots of other varying factors.

    Liquid LSD: it's very clean, tasteless. Alcohol based so storage in the freezer for long term keeping. The liquid lsd is very mind/visual heavy. This is, I would agree to be, Needle point lineage as advertised. It's known for its very heady trip, long lasting and more sedative experience. I have had known needlepoint from the 80s and 90s and this is absolutely spot on the same.
    1 drop for mind and body conscious trip. 2 drops for a medium experience but Lingering 14hours min.
    3 or more drops... hold on and eat clean before as you most likely won't have an appetite after and will last 14 hours min.

    Pyramid gel tabs:
    These are a good complement to either of the above options as they are a very energetic, fun, very music and rhythm motivated. These compliment either of the above mentioned blotter or liquid just depending on the experience you are looking for. The pyramids offered a happy mix of body with visual experience with a touch more restlessness than the other two, that can be accurately described as energetic lsd.

    My experience if you want a very happy, energetic trip with an increase of visuals combine a single blotter tab and a single Pyramid.

    For a more body sedative, heavy trip combine the Pyramid and liquid.

    For an all out stomach turning 16 hour event, drop a blotter tab, Pyramid and finish it off with a drop of the liquid for an all around mind blowing experience that will last a minimum of 14 hours. Be prepared and again this is NOT recommended for first time users or even your Second time. Be of clean mind and eat healthy before enjoying in any of the above mentioned. Stay safe and enjoy!

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    @Hideurself you just brought back some memories, including the one that I once knew I would die if I took one more trip. Haven't done it since.

    Great reviews and advice.

  • Thanks for the info all really good info. Just took one hit of the blotter since it's been a long while since my last trip

  • That post should be stickied man, phenomenal info.

  • @Ease I am going to copy it to a full review shortly when I have a sec so it is more available. @fish_headstew doing the same tomorrow, going for a blotter and Pyramid, they are a super combo together, not overpowering but great energy and visuals.

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