Packman 2g live resin and liquid diamond Vapes

Got a 4 pack of the Packman 2 gram vapes. First off packaging is very nice, comes with manufacturers packaging with seals and verification codes. The unit itself is perfect size, resembles a baby elf bar or similar, they are same shape but about half the overall size.
Flavors are very good and the best part in my opinion is these things HIT! I have had a ton of vapes and these are by far the best at producing a volume of vape with a short burst, if you dare to take a big drag you are literally in the same boat as exhaling a large rip from a blunt. I love them and honestly wish all carts worked this well. And the high is awesome. Got a mixed batch of hybrid and sativa both are equally hard hitting and very potent. Will be buying more for sure. Thank you @HappyTrees for the great product and @medboy for getting it to us all!

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