Merlins Microdose Marshmallow treats are very tasty and definitely a new go to!

Microdosing seems to help with my positive outlook being in a fairly stressful high pace career. With that in mind I take one to two marshmallows and roll in to the best days I have had in a long time. High focus, great energy and the best part is the Taste! is literally just marshmallow!! The potency is spot on for Microdosing. I suggest you try these if you have been on the fence. These are my new go to for Microdosing and I hope Merlin keeps them on the menu for a long time coming! THANK YOU! @MerlinsMagic for some more great products and @medboy for keeping them on hand!


  • The marshmallow was delicious and soft

  • @MikeyC couldnt agree more, I was honestly impressed, it was probably one of the best infused anything I have gotten honestly. My girl toasted hers and said it was amazing so I hope they stay around!

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    I'm so happy these are working out. I didn't realize what a hit these would be but they seem to be flying! I just got more so we won't run out.
    @Hideurself I'm going to have to try toasting I can't believe I didn't think of it!!!

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