Has anyone tried the Chocolope under premium. Its been on menu a while just wondering. Should be really nice for us sativa lovers


  • Yes. It’s ok but with my high tolerance, it was only average.

  • Got a split of that and jet fuel og incoming could sworn seen couple on here saying it was pretty nice stuff

  • I wasn’t bad. I’m always expecting a holy grail.

  • Yeah I hear ya, we've been spoiled lol. We've had some really great ones that knocked ya in the dirt or hysterical laughing fits unfortunately not every one is a grand slam however pretty decent batting average

  • Thanks , for the review what I needed honest opinion. If it don't make me clean the house and yard its not for me. only high test I like our will pay high price for .

  • It really does smell like chocolate. The buds were all nice sized. Purple and greens that make great bag appeal. I have other buds like it as far as the way it felt and broke up. I had heard great reviews bout it being a great sativa when it was offered outdoor months ago. It isn't bad. Speaker Knockerz I split was/is great. Bag appeal. Smells like gas. Diesel. Lots of small buds but it does the trick. No longer on menu. @Tac All these people are giving a fair honest review. As I experienced same. All can't be the holy grail as @leaf said. Have great day all. Happy 🌬

  • Only just checked it out and tiny sample but I enjoyed it so far nice feeling and went knocked out some chore and so far so good. Did have to put jet fuel og with a boveda since was little on dry side but tiny sample of both and I'm getting stuff done lol

  • There is no holy grail. Also, I didn’t read the description b/c I bought before it had been posted. It’s a sativa leaning strain,and I prefer indica.

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