Merlins vape options

I see theres a lot more on there now including 2g and 3g options. Which ones are the most potent if you guys know @MerlinsMagic


  • @Zackarrry both options will vary in potency by strain but with that being said they are all very high, around 90% for both options with some being above that but only by 1 or two points. The larger 3g ones listed show the thc and cbd contents, the smaller 2g I had to do a little digging on. More of a flavor preference than a quality difference.

  • Well @Hideurself theyre all prefilled from various sources @MerlinsMagic said. I just wonder if its all the same distillate just diff terps or whatnot. Just don't know if buying the refills would be the same thing or not

  • Potency is about equivalent. They will only vary 1 or 2% from 90%. I'm trying out different cartridges to see what people like the most. So far in terms of look and feel, the purple ones are nice... let's figure it out and do a poll later

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