Blue 🍪

Just ordered an oz of this. I looked up the strain and nothing but good reviews of it. I need something different i bought 2 zips of permanent marker and im going through it fast. Its too good not too. Hopefully @MerlinsMagic will stock up on some more best bang for your buck on here imo.


  • Good weed doesn’t last as long as the Reggie.

  • Yeah I'm down to nitty gritty on PM which was why I requested the premium blueberry pie split and pushin P from loud , gotta keep some good good on hand especially thru winter months staving off seasonal depression and what have you

  • My loud order is Pushin P too.

  • Oh nice yeah "high " hopes for pushin P 😬🤣 had too but that and the blueberry pie I'm hoping is similar to the blueberry muffin from couple years back smelled just like the name and was absolutely 🔥 on effects as well forgot what name of split requested with that but it sounded really nice as well

  • @Vapedad78 dang bro sorry your orders are in limbo! Hopefully things show the 26th.

  • Thanks @superman38NC yeah I was stressing and venting too much 😬🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️ but yes somehow an Xmas miracle took place and majority of items touched down just in time earlier today so HUGE relief with shippers bout to take breaks thought I was up a creek no paddle lol

  • Sorry @Zackarrry wasn't trying to hijack your thread, how is the blue cookie treating ya? I mighta over looked it on menu

  • @Vapedad78 no worries my friend! I ordered the 21st and i.d. just said it showed up in my hometown today so it should be delievered tomorrow hopefully. Im very surprised at the shipping times of this one pack esp. Since the holidays. But i will let you guys know ASAP how good the blue 🍪 's are.


  • Merry Christmas man sounds like a plan, I got no complaints so far from kaliff or wedding crasher both seem pretty

  • @Vapedad78 So glad some of your packages arrived! I'm sitting on my porch waiting for my Blue Cookies and extras to arrive. Says out for delivery! Fast shipping considering

  • Blue Cookies Review.…👀

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    I got my split of Blue Cookies and FAF yesterday. My intention was to go straight for the BC but after inspection I hit the FAF first. If you like gelato, especially jet fuel you will ❤️ it! Smells like the description. Sweet, savory, and undertones of fuel. The appearance is Ultra Prem in itself and hits like a truck. Very uplifting!
    Now to the BC. It’s beautiful, frosty, and taste like a good cookie cross should. It did make me relaxed and sleepier than I thought but I’ll adjust the usage time.There was a few premature seeds in the grind. Outside of that it’s a banger too.

  • Both sound like winners @superman38NC! Thanks for your great reviews. I might have to jump on some of that FAF…love me some gelato!💚😎🧐

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    Thx! @TheProfessor my fav attribute of the FaF is the aroma. It reminds me of a prem MedMama strain years back. Can’t remember the name. Also I decided to W&B with BC and boy this is a good one. Heavy hitter! My tolerance was compromised after the FAF yesterday. 🤪

  • Thanks @superman38NC glad your Xmas sounded good and got everything they do sound tantalizing and I'll be having snag more at some point so will keep in mind while wait for pushin p hoping anytime now

  • Got the blue cookies in and honestly disappointed. I mean bag appeal is 10/10 but the smell and potency isnt something id expect to be in ultra premium. The permanent marker was hands down way better. But you win some you lose some. Still kicking ass @MerlinsMagic when i get some funds in ima try out the thin mint cookies and yalls perzys sugar wax/crumble

  • @Zackarrry the UP Thin Mint Cookies looks delicious. Merlin’s greenhouse Thin Mint Cookies from summer was fantastic!😎🧐

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    @Zackarrry sorry man, I got really sick and didn't make it to the plug in time. I should be able to keep PM stocked in the future nearly continuously.

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