2023 Medicineman Strain of the Year

These are my picks. I mostly purchased from @MerlinsMagic the second half of the year.

Strain of the Year: @MerlinsMagic indoor Permanent Marker. No surprise for me. It checks all the boxes for quality, aroma, taste, and incredible effects!

1st Runner-up: @MerlinsMagic indoor Pure OG Kush. This is real medicine for sleep. Hits super hard and is amazing for pain relief and a good nights sleep.

2nd Runner-up: @MerlinsMagic ultra premium Donkey Butter. It’s Donkey Butter…nuff said. Beautiful!

Honorable Mention: @MerlinsMagic outdoor Purple Kush. The best outdoor bud I’ve had in years. Strong nighttime medicine!

So many great strains, so many great choices. What are your picks for 2023?😎🧐


  • As a sativa lover, the highlights this year were two Thai based strains: 1) Loud's Lemon Thai strain and 2) Merlin's Full Moon strain. At long last, Thai strains finally made an appearance on the board! Must give an honorable mention to Loud's excellent Dutch Hawaiian strain. Most powerful indica I ever had was genuine Black Afghanistan hash - no matter how alert you were, it invariably caused 3-4 hours of deep sleep! Way stronger than current indicas!

  • Good picks! That Purple Kush was like NyQuil for me! "Nighttime, sniffling, sneezing, aching, coughing, how the hell did I end up on my kitchen floor medicine??" 🤣

    I am not normally adventurous with my selections. I know what I like. As far as new, I enjoyed the Indoor Jealousy (which you can tell is a parent of PM), got some good Jack H from Merls, and that WA-area Jaeger Loud ships is solid for an afternoon.

    If anything else blew me away this year, I've already smoked the memory away... 😇

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    Full Moon and Permanent Marker are my picks. Permanent Marker is right up there at 1A for best strain ever from MM along with Fruit Loops from a few years ago.

  • Yea, I remember those Fruit Loops…wishing for a comeback tour.

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    Excellent choices! @TheProfessor nothing else needs to be said about PM! Clear winner. Other mentionables for me are @HappyTrees first batch of Flapjacks and Trop Runtz both gorgeous, frosty, and hard hitters, Loud had some awesome Sunset Sherbert and now I'm waiting on Banana Bellini which looks promising.

  • 👀 BB. Looking forward to your review.

  • @superman38NC You should check out our Subzero, it's amazing...

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    @HappyTrees as part of my 4g bud sampler you sent me Subzero. It is excellent! Has a Mimosa aroma/effects. Beautiful nug! As far as indoor I was impressed with the Scooby Snacks and wow that Jokerz..never smelled a variation of diesel like that.

  • Ordered a Subzero/Trop Runtz split. Wishing for some Xmas bangers.

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