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    Not surprised at all! Permanent Marker has become one of my all-time favorites!!😎🧐

  • It's gold 👍🏼

  • I've only heard good things.

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    Just arrived, haven’t tried. Sure does sport a mighty stank though. Ending the year on a high note. TY medcrew. Happy holidays.

  • i love it, too! a long-lasting body high that's great for these lengthening nights.

  • Beautiful bud n thx for pic @funkynugz ....I am definitely wanting to try. Just knew lot of ppl ordered it...didn't want subbed...I'm ready for next batch. So many rave reviews on effects. Definitely had bag appeal. And u said "might stank" 🤣. I hope u all enjoy.

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    Man I'm not suprised either! For the growers out there Seed Junky has some PM crosses available. S1 of PM as well. Hope this grower is running clones because I'll keep that in rotation. Like it as much as SD or Sunset Sherbert.

  • Nice review from Remo:

  • Reminds me of Fruit Loops. Amazing.

  • Saw them today for $20/bean 😵‍💫
    I’ll wait for clones.

  • @funkynugz nice looking bag there! Yeah $20 a bean is steep.

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    Super munchies on PM tonight. I ate 3/4 of an avocado after my fajitas. I can't move. lol

    At least it was healthy.

  • We ordered Chinese and got in a bowl of PM (maybe two😁) before it was delivered! Ordered too much and ate too much @Sixwaychili! Rice is healthy right?😎🧐

  • I remember Merls saying he had a constant line on PM. It's been off the menu for a week or two now. I wonder if that connection changed when the strain became such a big deal?

  • @OzBaxter Merlin could be holding back while they clear out some older inventory... We all know the moment it gets listed again everyone will be jumping on it!

  • If PM makes a return before Thurs that would be fantastic! My understanding is the grower will keep it going. Not knowing any details other than 90-120 days is typical from seed to cured bud. Sadly my zip is more like a pinch now lol

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    @friendsofbillw @superman38NC
    It's like that friend that becomes famous...you think "oh I'll see PM later this weekend like normal" but meanwhile PM has some interest from Dispensaries wanting the "cool new thing" and next thing you know, it's just you hanging out with your subbed Chocolatina alone on a Friday night...


  • That sounds terrible @OzBaxter! I don’t even know Chocolatina!😂😎🧐. Good thing I still have a lot of PM though.

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    Funny but sorry that happened! @OzBaxter I was able to grab some before the last sale like @TheProfessor. One reason I grabbed some PM seeds. I can't let my newfound ❤️ for PM hang on the shoulders of one grower 😜. Honestly I would be tickled to see some 🔥 Jealousy on here. Gotta love those Sherb/Gelato genetics. How is that chocolatina?

  • LOL! That Chocolatina is bangin' I can't lie 🤷🏼‍♂️ But I'll definitely be looking out for a PM drop

  • I think half of my stash are Sherbet/Gelato genetics @superman38NC 😁. Some Jealousy would be an awesome addition to my addiction…my stash!😉 If it doesn’t pop up here soon there’s some available locally I’ve got my eye on. We’re still waiting to see the growing rules that are coming with legalization before I invest in any seeds.😎🧐

  • @OzBaxter Thanks for the laugh! :smiley:

  • LOL! @medboy We all know that pain 😜😂

  • Only thing i can compare it to is fruit loops back a year a so ago it was a rip stopper for sure.

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    @cmweems1964 I’ll never forget that first Fruitloops warning 😀 it was like an invitation! I typically pass on challenges like polar plunge or ice water 🪣. But hey be careful this weed may shatter your tolerance..sign me up!

  • @superman38NC lololol, now which one are we talking about 👀 ??

  • Hey guys, sorry I got really sick over the holidays and couldn't go get the last order. Growers says he will have more in 12 days.

  • Sorry to hear that @MerlinsMagic hope you’re feeling better. More PM? If so I’ll be looking out for that!

  • GUYS and GALS... I'm on my way to get MORE PERMANENT MARKER!!!

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