DMT Cartridges

@MerlinsMagic did you guys ever get ahold of any or get any promising leads? Would be awesome to be able to purchase a couple.


  • Would like to try this for sure.

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    Bump for a good question. Would love to stock up on a few if they were made available. @MerlinsMagic @medboy
    I think we have a few interested In making a buy, is this something we can try to get?
    Thanks guys as always and Happy Holidays!
    @Marc_Emery would you sign up for any for the stockpile if they could source? 🤔 not to call you out brother, but It seems we both like to keep a decent inventory on hand as I do myself.

  • @Hideurself bro ive been requesting for a minute i think theyre just hard to get ahold of. Wouldnt mind the price if it wasnt too crazy lol. But i know @MerlinsMagic does their best and i really appreciate tf out of them. I couldve kissed all of them for the freebie i got last pack

  • An man I’m scared of the dmt haha your basically dying then coming back to life. If anyone wants to share their experience and maybe change my mind? Just got my love potion today, excited to try soon

  • You're thinking of 5meo dmt

  • I found one source but I didn't like the vibe.
    I'm going to keep looking so we can be sure the machine elves aren't going to attack you or anything.

  • @Marc_Emery

    Smoking a tiny bit of n,n DMT, the kind I offer will give a head shift, color enhancements and tracers.

    Smoking a good hit or 3 held in as long as possible will bring you to break through.

    I wouldn't say you die, rather are taken to different interdimensional realms.
    Sometimes there are beings there.

    Other times you stay in your body and things come to you or you might feel like you can do magickal things.

    I find with clear direction and intention you can choose your own adventure.

    If you like your experience, stay there.

    If you're looking for a light show, sit back and enjoy.

    If you're looking for deeper truth and the meaning of life, hold the question of what it means and ask for pearls of insight and wisdom beneath it all.

    If you're moving too fast and can't understand, ask for things to slow down and fo greater clarity.

    Feel scared by an entity? Tell it that it may only be permitted in your presence if it's coming from unconditional love for the highest good. (If you have issues, I call upon Archangel Michael to guard and protect that anything else must leave my field, in fact I call upon him before opening for DMT ceremony every time)

    It's a very short trip, so might feel scary like a roller coaster but soon enough its over .

    Many will often feel elation and euphoria after the experience, and note that when DMT is broken down it actually becomes ATP, food for your brain and cells.

  • Love it. Maybe after a few other ceremonies...

  • Thank you @MerlinsMagic I just may have to order some now you are a great salesman and advisor! @MikeyC ive heard the 5meo is a more gentle easy way to achieve breakthrough, have you tried both? Also have you tried the love potion yet??

  • I haven't tried nn DMT or love drops but will try love drops soon.

  • 5MEO is CRAZY @Marc_Emery

    I've done it in ceremony a few times and it's 100x as strong as n,n
    Felt like a spiritual bitchslap from which took me apart into atoms and put me together differently and I had no control over the ride.

    The vape pens aren't always strong enough for break through, but a couple good hits of the DMT are enough. I love to put in in a pipe on top of rose petals so it doesn't pull through and lightly melt it without scortching.

  • I heard 5meo pens are not the same as doing a full on ceremony with a breakthrough dise. But it would be nice for a microdose

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