♡ Love Drops ♡

Really excited for these drops to come in the mail. Does anyone have any reviews and advice thus far on this lovely medicine ?
Also if Merlin doesnt mind explaining a bit more on ingredients, dosage , timing etc id love to know more before i begin. Thank you ! Planning on doing this in the evenings after work a few times a week with intention. Blessings. ♡


  • Can't wait until they are restocked and I am done holiday shopping to try some

  • Yoyoyo!!! Dosage is on the bottle, just got more in.

    Dosage is 1-3ml depending how deep you want to go. I usually take 1 for partying, sex and socializing, 1.5 for going deep with a beloved and then more than that gets psychedelic and a full journey.

    The journey is similar to MDMA but way more chill.

    It’s a soft, melty, snuggly medicine.

    Ingredients include Tulsi, Oatstraw, rose, damiana, shatavari, rosehips, turkey tail, fulvic minerals, vanilla cardamom, brandy, honey, salt and MDA.

    I did a write up somewhere of what all the ingredients do. I’m going to look for it and post later.

    Also there are a few posts back talking about people experiences.

    To be honest this is my favorite. The Molly depletes me and I can only really do it 4 times a year.
    This sass, is way more comfortable, I feel saucy and shamanic and the other ingredients support the brain neurotransmitters so you’re not so depleted after.
    If I start early enough and get enough sleep on it then I’m actually better then next day, basking in the afterglow.
    Only downside is if I’m too full or eating poorly then there’s an integration which clears the bowels. After that then it’s go time for the rest of the night, so I like to dose close to a potty. About 30 min for clearing and the medicine to kick in.

  • @MerlinsMagic thank you SO much for that explanation! The ingredients are so awesome too. What a beautiful idea for a medicine. I am so excited for this journey. ♡♡♡

  • @Supernaturalhigh will you share your experience with Love Drops? Interesting…🤔, I’m typically just a weed guy.

  • @MerlinsMagic after trying the MDMA clear with my other half. We might give this sass ago, next time we have one of them nights.... And lemme tell ya, the night on MDMA was a night ill never forget!!!! Also note, it wouldn't have been nearly the experience it was without having the perfect partner to experience it with
    Definitely made our bond stronger!!! Merlin YOU ARE THE SHIT!!!!

  • @Mr4Sher I'm so glad to hear that! Thanks for sharing. Bless your bond!!!

  • @Supernaturalhigh did you get a chance to journey yet?

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